Who are we?

Bright Alpine Sporting Events as been borne out of discussions between four like-minded cycling addicted individuals who live in and around Bright. We are intimately involved with the Alpine Cycling Club and have been involved running MTB & Road cycling events for many years.


Aaron Smith

President ACC, Tour of Bright Race Director, worked on many MTB races from club level to National Level. Involved in many national level events & a World Championship.

“Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul” is Aaron’s favourite saying. He enjoys riding anything with two wheels and does his best to encourage others to ride bikes. One of Aaron’s main motivations for running events is to give opportunities for people to ride or race their bike. Aaron had the great experience to be riding as information moto at the World Championships in Geelong. “Standing as a marshal point at a local MTB race, gives me the same pleasure, it just doesn’t have the huge crowd”.

If Aaron’s not riding one of his bikes, then he’ll be up in the mountains, 4wd’ing, skiing or fishing with his family. Add in a bit of guitar music and Aaron’s very happy living in Bright. “The only regret I have about moving to Bright, is we didn’t do it 10 years earlier”.

Andrew Miller

MTB Communications ACC, National MTB Bright round co-ordinator, worked on many MTB & road races.

"Bikes, coffee, beer….. need I say more." Three essential ingredients for a happy life. Andrew's passion for cycling involves racing, watching, reading, talking, talking, talking and organising cycling events. He married into a family steeped in cycling tradition including an Olympian father in law and so rarely is the dinner table conversation concerning anything other than 2 wheel pursuits.

Regular trips to Bright for training evolved into holiday/cycling trips with the family and into a permanent move 8 years ago. Andrew's racing background was road and track cycling however living in Bright it is impossible not to attempt and then fall in love with the single track we are so fortunate to have at our doorstep.

In recent years Andrew's passion has shifted from competing to organising events and the reinvigoration of racing, community participation and junior development.

Playing a key role in delivering a round of the 2013 MTB National series was a fabulous experience and involvement with the Tour of Bright each year is always a highlight.

Mission Statement

To foster cycling and other sporting events within Bright and North Eastern Victorian, endeavouring to develop a comprehensive cycling industry for the region, while adhering to the following key objectives:

  • Provide continuing support and assistance to the Alpine Cycling Club.
  • Promote the values of good sportsmanship and healthy competition through active participation in recreational and competitive sporting events.
  • Create positive role models, promote bicycle safety, introduce youth to the sport, further a healthy lifestyle and support Junior Racing.
  • To promote the sport of cycling through competitive racing, and community events; to encourage our youth to become involved in cycling as a life-long activity; and grow the sport’s awareness in North East Victoria.
  • Help develop a Bright based cycling industry, and supporting services.
  • Promote and manage high quality events that further the causes above.
  • Develop partnerships with organisations that have similar values.

run by riders for riders